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By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on GINGER TRIES AGILITY

Today starts my third week at Morris Animal Inn. We decided to begin the week a little differently. Zeke and I went outside and tried some simple agility. With Lisa and Michelle guiding me (and some low-cal treats for enticement) I jumped over my first agility jump! It was thrilling!   With the right encouragement, I…

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By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on GINGER’S NEW FRIEND

This week, I made a new friend. He’s a black Lab, named Zeke! He is a very sweet guy who’s athletic and sporty but calm. I like his gentle nature and I immediately felt comfortable around him. He gives me my space and I give him his but we also have a lot of fun…

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By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on NEW WEEK, NEW GINGER!

My second week has started off with a bang! I feel lighter and more rejuvenated than I’ve felt in a long time! Yesterday, I frolicked and ran around the large front yard on a long lead. We brought some of my favorite toys, stuffed pig included, and played chase.   I dipped my paws in the kiddie pool…

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By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on EXERCISES GENTLE GINGER

Don’t tell anyone…but I think I’m starting to win over all the hearts of the people working at Morris Animal Inn! They always stop by to say hi to me and scratch my back. Naturally, I reward them with kisses! My exercises have continued. After breakfast, I had my treadmill session and then I played outside…

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By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on WORK IT OUT!

Getting up this morning was not easy! The Kuranda bed and lambswool mat make for a very comfortable night’s sleep. I could have slept in all morning! At the light of day I was brought a healthy breakfast by one of my new friends! If anything could wake me from my peaceful slumber it would be food. (I…

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