Dog Training in Morristown, NJ

Dog Training

Our Dog Training Philosophy

Morris Animal Inn is committed to enhancing the relationship between pet parents and their dogs. Our training model is built on Positive Reward-based training and Fear Free™ methods. Positive reinforcement training is proven to produce happy dogs who are engaged in learning, an essential component for success in teaching new behaviors! At Morris Animal Inn in Morristown and Montville, New Jersey, we believe that the dog and their committed pet parent, working in harmony, will enjoy an amazing relationship centered around having a well-behaved dog.

Morris Animal Inn recognizes the bond between an owner and their dog is a very special one. Our comprehensive dog training programs are designed to:

  • Jump start your training journey through a variety of convenient, flexible programs!
  • Positively influence the relationship between you & your dog!
  • Encourage learning in a positive, reward-based environment.
  • Provide educational materials for reinforcement at home.
  • Access to Digital Training Library of How-To video guides

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Two of my dogs recently stayed at Morris (Animal Inn) for 5 days. One of them had training while there and I have to report I got a better dog back then the one I dropped off. The training has made a HUGE difference! This was his first time there, but my other dogs have stayed before and each time they have had a blast. They want to be there when I drop them off and are plenty exhausted when I pick them up. The Inn is beautiful and clean and the staff are great. It is worth the money for me because I want them safe and well cared for.

The Hughes Family

Maggie is a completely different dog. Friends come to the house and don’t even recognize her! She used to jump on everyone but after participating in the Collegiate package, she’s not jumping on people anymore and it’s great! I can’t thank you enough for the training and the amazing way everything was handled, including the follow up call. We just love you guys! All my dogs have stayed with you (Casey, Molly and now Maggie) and I would not have it any other way. I don’t care about the distance. No matter where I live, I would travel to get to your facility so that my pets have the best care possible.

The Narcisco Family

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We take special pride in our quality staff who have received their certifications!

  • Professional Pet Boarding Certification
  • Dog Gurus
  • Paragon School of Grooming

They demonstrate passion for animals in all that they do! If you have questions about our dog training in Morristown, NJ, call us today!

Member of the Dog Gurus

Our training programs offer your dog opportunities to work one-on-one with a professional dog trainer while your dog is attending Daycare, Lodging, Grooming, or Private Training Lessons!

We take special pride in our quality staff who have received their certifications!

  • CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed)
  • Fear Free™ Certified Pet Professionals
  • Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers
  • Association of Professional Dog Trainers
  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • Professional Pet Boarding Certification
  • Dog Gurus
  • Paragon School of Grooming
long-haired dog walking next to Traininer who is holding a treat above its head

Canine Training Camp

Our Canine Training Camp is an all-inclusive program that is customized to address your pet’s behavior and training needs in a highly structured Lodge ’n Learn or Day Camp setting. Personalized training plans may include basic to advanced skills such as recall, no jumping, leash manners, leave it, impulse control and much more! Our training programs are reward-based, built positive reinforcement and repetition which are proven to create happy, willing pets. Our trainers use Fear Free methods and closely monitor the dog’s mental and physical well-being while they are in our care. You will have opportunities to discuss your dog’s training with our professional dog trainers before, during and after training camp! The pet parent is provided exclusive access to our online training library along with personalized educational materials to continue reinforcing new behaviors and skills at home! Our Canine Training Camp is a unique opportunity to have your dog learn new behaviors, connect with a professional dog trainer, and encourage you to learn how to work in partnership with your dog at home!

Private Training Lessons

We are pleased to offer personalized private training lessons at both our Morristown and Montville, New Jersey locations which provide exclusive one-on-one concentrated training experiences between the Pet Parent and our Professional Dog Trainers!

Our trainers can guide you in all areas of basic manners and obedience training. If you have specific training and behavior needs, our trainers can discuss the best plan for you to reach your goals.

Our private lessons are structured to enhance our various training services or serve as an introduction to the comprehensive training programs Morris Animal Inn has to offer! Our professional dog trainers will partner with you and your dog to assess your goals and guide you on your training journey!

Two border collies laying down in front of a trainer who is directing them with hand signals
Husky puppy taking a treat from a trainer standing nearby

Puppy Training

Starting your puppy on the right path for training and socialization is imperative to raising a well-rounded pup! The primary socialization window takes place before your puppy reaches 20 weeks of age – this is the most influential stage in a puppy’s life relative to learning and developing social behavior patterns. As a leader in the pet care industry, we proudly incorporate Puppy Training Sessions into all our puppy services!

While your puppy is boarding, grooming, or attending daycare, our professional dog trainers are available to reinforce basic manners with repetition and lots of loving positive reinforcement. Training may include a variety of learned behaviors including, but not limited to, sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking, and impulse control along with opportunities to help familiarize your pet to various experiences including grooming. The more often your puppy participates in our Puppy Training Sessions, the more confident they will be as they grow up as well-mannered pet!

dog daycare morristown nj

Playcare™ Academy

If you have a high energy canine, Morris Animal Inn’s Playcare Academy could be the daycare option you’ve been looking for! For your convenience, we have combined our most popular training and daycare services into one fun-filled daycare experience! Fun, learning, exercise and socialization throughout the day are just some of focus of this customizable daycare program. Our professional trainers will be able to review your training goals and develop an appropriate training plan that best suits your needs!



While your dog is visiting Morris Animal Inn for Lodging, Daycare or Grooming, our manners sessions with our professional dog trainers can enhance their experience by reinforcing training goals through repetition and lots of positive reinforcement. Daily manners sessions may include a variety of learned behaviors from sit, come, attention work to impulse control, loose leash walking and stay! Consistency is key - the more often your pet participates in our manner's sessions, the more advanced their skills will become!

Dog in training camp

Cooperative Care Sessions

Is your dog nervous or having difficulty adapting to the grooming process? We offer Cooperative Care training sessions! Our Fear Free™ Certified Professional dog trainers and groomers work together to guide your pet through the grooming process, building positive experiences so that they can enjoy the benefits of an exceptional grooming service.

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We take special pride in our quality staff who have received their certifications!

  • Professional Pet Boarding Certification
  • Dog Gurus
  • Paragon School of Grooming

They demonstrate passion for animals in all that they do! If you have questions about our dog training in Morristown, NJ, call us today!