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By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on MEET GINGER!

Greetings! Ginger here! I’m about to embark on a month-long weight loss challenge at Morris Animal Inn. Everyone is so sweet at the Inn! I love showering all of my human helpers in kisses! They helped me settle comfortably in a large suite! I have my own Kuranda bed, a comfy lambswool mat to rest on,…

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By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on ANNOUNCING OUR NEW ACTIVITY PACKAGES!

Morris Animal Inn is excited to announce two new activity packages!  We know that every pet is different! That’s why we are working to increase your options with new packages that can be added to any dog’s stay (we have other specific play options available for cats). This allows you to choose what Fido would…

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By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on FIDO’S FAVORITE FALL HIKING

Fall is one of the finest seasons! The air becomes brisk and cool, the humidity settles down (as does our hair) and nature has its last hurrah with a vibrant burst of warm colors before the muted tones of winter settle in. Now is the perfect time to view the earthy hues. You don’t need to…

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Summer Break

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on Summer Break

It’s that time of year again! The days are longer and the nights are shorter. Flip flops become required footwear, hammocks become beds, and the kids and the dog are at summer camp. Wait, the dog? Yup, that’s right! Summer camp has long since surpassed the domain of sun-burned pre-teens. In fact, it is becoming…

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The Truth About Treadmills

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on The Truth About Treadmills

Treadmills: you may hate them with the wrath of Achilles or simply use them to hang clothes on, but there’s now an even better use for them! Stop avoiding your treadmill and utilize it for your dog–you won’t even have to break a sweat (only Fido will)! Read on for tips to help your fuzzy…

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