My second week has started off with a bang! I feel lighter and more rejuvenated than I’ve felt in a long time! Yesterday, I frolicked and ran around the large front yard on a long lead. We brought some of my favorite toys, stuffed pig included, and played chase.


I dipped my paws in the kiddie pool for the first time and then jumped out and rolled around on the lawn. It felt so good to wiggle on my back on the soft, warm grass! That’s my version of pure bliss and happiness! What a life!


This morning I went for another swim. I’m getting very good at it! It’s also nice to know that I have a life vest and two of my human friends supporting me with Flexi Leashes.

Even though it’s drizzling a little bit today, I still had fun racing around the front yard again! When I get tired, I like to lay down under the shady pine trees. Ahh yes….


I’m about to hit the treadmill, catch ya’ later!