Don’t tell anyone…but I think I’m starting to win over all the hearts of the people working at Morris Animal Inn! They always stop by to say hi to me and scratch my back. Naturally, I reward them with kisses!

My exercises have continued. After breakfast, I had my treadmill session and then I played outside with my buddy Jess again. I like running after the balls she squeaks and throws for me but for some reason after I retrieve the ball, she wants me to bring it back to her. That just doesn’t make sense to me! She gives such encouragement though so I guess I’ll do this a few times.  I like playing with the squeaky toys out in the yard and shaking them around, it gives me a sense of purpose.


After my treadmill and play session, I spent some time resting in my suite and snacking on my healthy treat. Today it was pumpkin puree. I’m glad they switch things up! I love being surprised by food and discovering that healthy food can be yummy too!
This afternoon I spent more time gallivanting in the play yard, exploring the play equipment and the comfortable, soft K9 grass. Right now I’m off to the treadmill for another workout! Let’s see who I can kiss this time while still moving… XOXO!