Today starts my third week at Morris Animal Inn. We decided to begin the week a little differently. Zeke and I went outside and tried some simple agility. With Lisa and Michelle guiding me (and some low-cal treats for enticement) I jumped over my first agility jump! It was thrilling!

With the right encouragement, I might be a natural! Zeke and I even jumped together!
After jumping back and forth, I got a little tired so I tried to sneak some treats out of Michelle by begging. I do this by putting my two front paws together while I sit on my back legs. Michelle was impressed and was not expecting that from me. I know how to get a thing or two! I’m crafty and learn things very quickly.
Next, Zeke and I cooled off our little dog feet in the kiddie wading pool and sipped from the cool refreshing water to wet our whistles. Later on, I will tackle the canine treadmill and go for a long walk on the nature trail.
Toodles friends! Till next time!