Getting up this morning was not easy! The Kuranda bed and lambswool mat make for a very comfortable night’s sleep. I could have slept in all morning! At the light of day I was brought a healthy breakfast by one of my new friends! If anything could wake me from my peaceful slumber it would be food. (I suppose that’s how I got to this full figure in the first place.)

Then, another one of my friends, came to my suite and took me outside for a quick potty break. Michelle is going to be working closely with me along with Lisa and Jess to help me lose this extra weight I waddle around in. I’m so happy they will all be helping me!

First off, we started with some simple stretches to loosen up my muscles which aren’t very limber. They tell me I will limber up soon the more I work with the fitness team! I can’t wait! Next, I strutted my stuff on the treadmill. It took some getting used to but I caught on pretty quickly. The trick is to keep moving! But I have to say, my favorite part was when Michelle bent down next to me and I could lick her face while simultaneously walking. If I can lose weight while continuously giving kisses, I will be one happy camper. Giving kisses is my favorite thing to do! Afterwards, I got to rest in my suite with a healthy snack of green beans. For the record, green beans are quite delicious! They’re no collard greens, but this northern variety will do!

This afternoon, I took my first swim ever with Michelle and Jess guiding me. The pool is heated so the water is nice and warm but refreshing at the same time. Since it was my first swim, they suited me up in a doggie life jacket which I thought really brought out the dark tones of my fur, if I do say so myself. For an extra safety precaution they attached two flexi-leashes to the strap on my lifevest. I splashed furiously for the first minute or so until I got the hang of it and then my instincts kicked in – I was doing the doggie paddle! Awesome!

Right now I’m relaxing in my suite. Swimming took a lot out of me! Later today, Jess told me she would let me run around in the play yard all by myself with her. She said we might even play ball! I’m loving this undivided attention. Well, gotta go! I’m going to nap until it’s time to play. I need to get my beauty rest!