Greetings! Ginger here! I’m about to embark on a month-long weight loss challenge at Morris Animal Inn. Everyone is so sweet at the Inn! I love showering all of my human helpers in kisses! They helped me settle comfortably in a large suite! I have my own Kuranda bed, a comfy lambswool mat to rest on, and my own food and water bowl! Everyone keeps stopping by to pet and cuddle with me. I feel so popular! However, I should explain that I have not always felt this way nor has life always been this kind to me.

Photo by Kaylin

As a Southern gal, I was born and raised in West Virginia. The people who owned me used me to produce several litters of puppies and then abandoned me and one of my 4-month-old puppies. I don’t know why they gave up on me.

I spent the next few months at a shelter in West Virginia with my little pup. After only a few days, my baby was adopted but I wasn’t. Days, weeks, and months would go by and I would watch them load the van but I never seemed to be chosen. Last Friday when I woke up, I knew something was different, I could feel it in the air. Sure enough, that Friday, I was the one that got to ride in the van! All of my shelter friends happily wished me luck and said goodbye to me. The next phase of my life was about to begin!

Eleventh Hour Rescue took me under their wing and transported me north all the way to New Jersey. The car ride was super fun! I relaxed and snoozed in the back seat while my sweet chauffeur, Kaylin did all the work. She was so kind, taking me for a long walk at a park along the way!

Ginger with her new friends

When I arrived at Morris Animal Inn a couple days ago, there were so many nice people waiting to see me! I felt like a celebrity! It was so wonderful to be welcomed by so many gentle, loving arms! Kaylin told me that the people at Morris Animal Inn are going to help me lose weight over the course of a month so that I’m healthier. I would love to lose some pounds because I have so much energy and really want to move around but my large figure is slowing me down! I weighed in today at a whopping 91.6 pounds and my waist measures 30 inches! For a Catahoula Leopard Boxer mix, I’m a little too heavy. (It was probably all that good Southern cookin’ and not enough exercise!) That’s why I’m staying with the kind people at Morris Animal Inn. They will keep me exercising and eating right so I can move around better and become healthy. I can’t wait! Stay tuned to keep up with my progress through the month of June!

High paw!

(If interested in adopting Ginger, please contact Eleventh Hour Rescue )