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Listening to Your Dog

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Listening is a lost art. We have so much that vies for our attention, including television, social media, jobs, kids, and friends, that it’s hard to know who to listen to and how to listen. By evening, when it comes to listening to your dog, we may be too tired to do it well. We…

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gifts for your pet

Great Holiday Gifts For Pets!

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on Great Holiday Gifts For Pets!

He’s making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice. Santa Paws is coming to town! If you still need to get a few great holiday gifts for pets, you’re in luck! Putting some catnip or a bone in a stocking is a good start. But you want to really get tails wagging,…

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Trick AND Treat: Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween

By Morris Animal Inn / /

On Halloween, kids aren’t the only ones doing tricks for treats. All the excitement around costumes, trick-or-treating and decorating can get your pet riled up and ready for some fun, too. Get them involved by picking out a festive four-legged costume and taking a few precautions to make sure your whole family enjoys the holiday…

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Treat Tips

By Morris Animal Inn / /

Some dogs do not adhere to the 24 hour clock we humans base our days on, but rather an internal clock with a milk-bone or juicy kibble bits representing each pivotal hour of the day. Like clockwork, you may notice your significant fuzzy-buddy sidling up to the treat stash or you may watch your dog…

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