Trick AND Treat: Keeping Pets Safe on Halloween

On Halloween, kids aren’t the only ones doing tricks for treats. All the excitement around costumes, trick-or-treating and decorating can get your pet riled up and ready for some fun, too. Get them involved by picking out a festive four-legged costume and taking a few precautions to make sure your whole family enjoys the holiday safely.

People Treats vs. Pet Treats. As pointed out by Parade magazine this week, all those Halloween candies that we just can’t get enough of, especially chocolate, are not safe for pets to eat. The plastic and cellophane wrappers they come in are no good for dogs, either. Keep your trick-or-treat candy bowl covered and out of reach of your pet. Instead, you can find festive pet treats for an extra special something for your sweetie. Visit our lobby for some spooky and delicious options that will keep your pup busy munching away.

Ding Dong Dog. During prime trick-or-treat hours, it is best to keep your pet enclosed in an area away from the front door or wherever children will be visiting. The constant flow of guests can be stressful on your pet, not to mention the risk of a cat or dog sneaking out the front door as you hand out treats. Keep everyone safe and secure by giving them their own space away from the costumed kiddies.

Decor Gore. Be sure to check for decorations that could prove dangerous for your dog. As much as we love to put out pumpkins, candles and other witchy decorations this time of year, a curious or agitated pet may decide to do their own redecorating while you’re not watching. Just like candy, keep these festive pieces out of your dog’s reach, and be especially careful with flames or electronic pieces.

Take Care with Costumes. Sparky might look perfectly spooky in that ghost costume, but make sure your pet’s outfits on Halloween do not limit their visibility or movement. You want your pet to be comfortable in their attire, so make sure their cute costume fits well and is not restrictive in any way. Read tips on getting your dog used to their costume on our sister company Morris K9 Campus’ blog, A Dog’s Life.

Not sure what kind of costume would fit your dog best? We offer tons of cute and creative pet costume ideas on our “Pet Costumes” Pinterest board. Visit for a dose of inspiration as everyone’s favorite spooky holiday approaches!