Pet-Friendly Technology

These days, it seems there is an app for EVERYTHING. From apps to help you go green to those addicting games you just can’t put down, your smart phone technology can access information beyond your wildest dreams. It would be pretty impossible to not find an app for whatever it is you are looking for. Fido may begin to feel jealous because he can’t play Fruit Ninja on your iPad or send you a text when he’s hungry. Well have no fear pet owners, because we found nine apps specifically made for you and your pet!

1. PetMinder
With play dates, vet appointments and of course, Morris Animal Inn Daycare parties, Fido’s schedule is pretty packed. With the PetMinder app, you can organize your pup’s busy schedule by placing these events into a calender. You receive an email as a reminder prior to the playdate/appointment. It’s a great way to keep track of vaccinations and your pup’s social engagements.
2. All Pets Radio Player
This radio station allows for all day listening of pet news, facts and stories and more! This app allows you to be ‘in the know’ of all thing pet-related all the time.
3. Spotlight
This tool is great for those times Fido is a little better at hide and seek than you are! His location is updated every five minutes so you can find him wherever he goes!



4. Pet Acoustics

Does your furry friend run and hide during thunderstorms? Does he get jumpy during car rides? This apps plays soothing music to calm him down during anxious activities. The music is designed specifically for the sensitive hearing of dogs and cats to keep them relaxed.


5. Vet DVM
It’s late at night and you have a question about your pet that you’d LOVE an answer to right now. There’s an app for that! Use Vet DVM to send audio, text, or video questions to on-call veterinarians. Access answers any time of the day! Of course this app in no way replaces the care, attention and expertise of your trusted veterinarian.

6. Pet First Aid

Jam-packed with videos and illustrations, Pet First Aid gives instruction on how to address cuts, bruises and other health related issues. Also, you can track your pet’s vaccinations and vet appointments!


7. PetSnap
We know your phone is filled with pictures of your pets and PetSnap can help when you pup just doesn’t want to look at the camera. PetSnap is built with 32 sounds to attract your pet’s attention for the picture. You can then pick from seven frames to finish your picture and share with friends!


8. iKibble
From investigating the food Fido accidently eats to finding dishes both you and your pet can eat together, iKibble is a great resource for finding the proper and improper foods for your pet!
9. Rate My Puppy
Get your pup using social networks with Rate My Puppy. You can get opinions from others on how cute your pup is and comment on other dogs!

Have a favorite pet-related app you don’t see here? Share it with us!