Do Dogs Like Music?

What’s your reaction to hearing your favorite song on the radio? It has been proven that music can significantly impact our moods, from instant happiness when hearing a song we enjoy to ease and comfort while listening to a calm, classical tune. It turns out our pets may have equally discerning ears while listening to music, and could actually have their own favorite songs!

Psychologist and Animal Behaviorist Deborah Wells studied dog’s reactions to music by exposing them to mainstream, heavy metal, and classical songs. While heavy metal had dogs barking and anxious, classical tunes encouraged pets to calm down and relax.
Similar studies have looked deeper into canine musical preferences, discovering that many pooches react poorly to intense drumming or percussion and that peaceful sounds can actually help dogs who are sick to ease more quickly into recovery. It can also help distract dogs with anxiety, and to drown out other stress-inducing noises like fireworks.
At Morris Animal Inn, we have seen firsthand the effects of calming music with our pet guests. Our open facility with skylights and spacious luxury suites are built with the comfort of each pet in mind, and we complement the peaceful environment by playing music throughout the building.
We find that the steady, calming sounds playing overhead helps our visiting pets to feel relaxed and comfortable. Have you seen your pet react to music in a positive way? What types of music does your pet enjoy?