Memorial Day Celebrations

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to kick it all off with some Memorial Day celebrations! This means barbeque, sunshine, parties, and fireworks. All of this fun may be great for you, however the festivities could prove to be hazardous for your pet. Be sure to take the necessary precautions to keep your pup happy and safe this Memorial Day Weekend!

Water Safety

Going to the lake, beach or pool for the weekend? While water is a great way to keep your dog cool on a hot summer day, it’s important to make sure they stay safe. Even if your dog is a great swimmer, you should always watch them when they’re in the water. Even the best swimmers are at risk of drowning or getting overtired. A life jacket is a great option to consider if you’re going to be near water and want to ensure your pup stays afloat.

Food and Drink Safety

With food and drinks flowing this weekend, it’s important to keep an eye on your dog to make sure they don’t treat themselves to something they shouldn’t. Michelson Found Animals has put together a list of barbeque foods that are safe for your pet, and noted which ones you should keep away from your dog. You should also be mindful that your pet doesn’t go near the grill to make sure they don’t burn themselves.

In terms of drinks, your pet is safest with a bowl of water that is easily accessible to them. Alcohol or sugary drinks are not good for dogs and should not be given to them. Be sure to regularly check that their water bowl is fresh and that the water isn’t getting too hot from the sun.

Firework Safety

Who doesn’t like to end Memorial Day celebrations with a great fireworks show? While fireworks are a great way to spend the evening for us, most dogs do not enjoy them whatsoever. Dogs are sensitive to bright lights and loud noises, so when possible, it’s best to leave them home for fireworks shows.

If you do leave your pet at home, make sure they’re comfortable and that all doors and windows are locked. If your pet is prone to anxiety or afraid of loud noises, consider playing soft music for them or putting a thunder shirt on them so that they feel safe. In extreme cases, it might be worth talking to your vet about anxiety medication to help keep your pet calm during the night.


With people entering and exiting the house during parties, it’s easy for your pet to slip out. The same goes with any outdoor parties or watching fireworks at night. With that in mind, be sure that your dog is microchipped or has some form of ID on them before the holiday weekend. By doing this, your information is linked with your pet and it’ll be easier for you to locate them should they run away.

However you plan to celebrate Memorial Day this weekend, be sure to have fun and stay safe!

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