Memorial Day weekend will soon be  upon us ushering in the ensuing summer months of popsicles, sunburn, and bathing suits worn like second-skins, so get ready! But before the festivities begin, take time to dog proof your house and backyard to ensure your Memorial Day Celebrations run smoothly for both you and your furry guests.

If your celebration is outdoors in the backyard, make sure to mow the lawn and scoop any of your dog’s eliminations so no one steps onto a smelly surprise in your backyard. Have pooper scoopers available throughout the day to prevent this from happening.

If your pool is open for the summer, make sure there is always a lifeguard on duty to watch youngsters and water-loving dogs. Some dogs can be excellent swimmers but can have trouble finding their way out of the pool or may wear themselves out. Investing in doggie life-jackets is always a safe and an excellent idea.

Make sure that alcoholic beverages are not lying on the ground or the edges of picnic tables within easy reach of your curious canine. Any type of alcoholic beverage is potentially poisonous to pets. Other foods you should never let your canine ingest are grapes, chocolate, and onions all of which can be poisonous to dogs. Since your grill will most likely be fired up and an abundance of meat will be floating around, protect the food from prying wet noses and flies with mesh food tents that open up like an umbrella to fit over wide platters of food. Tell guests to keep food scrap feeding to a minimum so that your dog does not get sick from too much grub and indulgent food that he or she is not accustomed to eating on a regular basis.

The later your party runs, the more likely mosquitoes will show up as extra guests you did not bargain for. Preventative measures such as citronella candles and bug spray can be used, but must be monitored. You do not want your dog to get anywhere near these substances as they can be toxic for Fido.

With family and friends coming and going, it is likely that a door or gate might be left open. Keep a vigilant eye on the exits to prevent this from happening and tell all of your guests to do the same. Make sure that your pet has identification on, like a collar with identification tags.

If the thought of keeping an eye on your dog, let alone cooking and cleaning for a large group of guests stresses you out, or your travel plans are taking you far from home, you can always bring your pup to Morris Animal Inn where we can help Fido or Fluffy celebrate the federal holiday in safety and style!