Let’s Get Physical!

While we humans may grumble and moan at the thought of getting off the couch to exercise, many dogs will jump at the mere suggestion of physical activity. This is fortunate since canine fitness is essential to the health of our wet-nosed friends. Dogs that exercise are more likely to maintain good body weight, less likely to develop heart problems, arthritis or diabetes, and often stave off boredom and depression associated with a sedentary lifestyle. If your playful pooch could use some more activity, read on about Morris Animal Inn’s fitness offerings.

Fido’s Fit and Spaw Retreat

After the turkey scraps have been gobbled up and the eggnog has been licked off the floor, Morris Animal Inn starts your dog’s new year off right by nudging them back into shape. A week of nature hikes on our pastoral trail, daily swim sessions in our aqua center, treadmill walks and runs, and “doga” and “pawlates” in our play suites all work to stretch your dog’s ligaments and burn calories.

Although the fit retreat focused on activities and exercise, the group overall averaged a weight loss of 2% of their overall body weight in just one week! This is pretty impressive considering the fact that Weight Watchers encourages its customers to lose 10% of their body weight over the course of several months.

Summertime ‘Fit and Fun’ 

Due to the success of this year’s Fit and Spaw Retreat and the growing demand for canine fitness programs in light of growing pet obesity, Morris Animal Inn will hold 2 weeks of ‘Fit and Fun Camp’ (June 20-25 and July 18-22) as part of our annual Summer Camps series!

These two weeks will be specifically tailored to canine fitness, all while having fun in the sun! Our canine companions can splash in the pool, walk on our shaded trails, burn calories on the treadmill, and race around our fenced in outdoor play yards with their other fuzzy friends! There will even be some fun sports-themed activities. Summer’s just around the corner and while your dog may not be losing weight to fit in a teeny weenie bikini, their overall health will benefit from the exercise and their minds will love the activity. Who wants to spend summer sitting in an air conditioned room anyway? Allow your pooch to get out and play!

Even if your pet can’t make it to our fitness programs, or you have a cat who prefers working out solo, you can always add any of our canine or feline activities to your pet’s lodging reservation with us. Join us in helping to keep our pets fit and healthy all year long!
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