It’s just about the end of my first week here at Morris Animal Inn and I’m happy but exhausted! I think this fitness camp is starting to work!

The weather today has been sunny, warm and beautiful! I’ve been relishing all my free time outside in the play yards and on the nature trail. This morning, I went outside and played tug of war with a rope toy and I ran around with my new favorite squeaker, a blue stuffed pig! Now that I’m losing some weight, I’m discovering all this extra energy! It’s fun to chase and run after toys!
I had my usual morning run on the treadmill and I’m getting really good.
This afternoon was my first group play session! I’m a little bit bossy in the play yard. Next week I’m going to meet some more dogs!
My snack today was cottage cheese!! I gobbled up every last bit of it! I loved it! I will let you know more about my weight-loss journey on Monday! Happy Friday everyone! I’m pooped! (No pun intended)!