Help Bring U.S. War Dogs Home

More than 2,000 dogs currently serve in the United States Military. These canines have and continue to work to detect bombs, drugs, weaponry and much more, saving the lives of between 150-200 servicemen and women in the course of their career.

Current law allows, but doesn’t require, the Department of Defense to pay for retired war dogs’ transportation back home. Once retired, the dogs are no longer considered part of the military and are often left behind. Handlers and veterans who wish to reunite with their dogs generally have to cover the costs of bringing them back to the United States.

Thanks to hard working individuals, these dogs are one step closer to being guaranteed treatment as the heroes they are as the U.S. Government is working to pass the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act. This will require America’s heroic military working dogs to be returned to U.S. soil upon retirement, and that their human handlers and their families will be given first right of adoption.

001-Sgt Rowan Miliatry-pic-e

Sgt. Rowan

Now through Labor Day, September 7th, Morris Animal Inn is hosting a donation drive to support active and retired United States Military working dogs. During Operation: War Dogs, Morris Animal Inn will accept donations for non-profits Mission K9 Rescue & United States War Dogs Association. Every donation helps to give these dogs what they deserve.While this is great news for the future, you can help bring dogs home from overseas now! The U.S. War Dogs Association, headed by Vietnam Veteran and War Dog handler Ron Aiello, provides care packages, medical care and much more to canine soldiers. Mission K9 Rescue, chapter 6 of the U.S. War Dogs Association, provides monetary, transportation, adoption, and professional assistance for these retired hero dogs.

To learn more about Operation: War Dogs or to donate, please click here.

Want to meet a U.S. Military dog? Sergeant Rowan will visit Morris Animal Inn for a meet and greet on Friday, July 3 from 9:30am to 11:30am. Rowan retired after serving eight years in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he was adopted by his handler’s family after coming back to the states. Come and meet this amazing canine and help support Operation: War Dogs to bring other Military dogs like Rowan home from overseas!