U.S. Army Specialist & His Bomb-Sniffing Dog Reunite!

Yesterday, August 20, 2015, Vance, a U.S. Army Specialist and his bomb-sniffing dog, reunited after 3 long years! They served together in Afghanistan and Vance missed his army partner very much.


Vance was not sure he would see his pal again but thankfully the U.S. War Dogs Association and Mission K9 Rescue made it happen!


“The bond and amount of trust we had in each other was stronger than anything I could ever explain to another person,” Vance expressed.
Vance and Ikar, a T.E.D.D. (Tactical Explosive Detection Dog), had a mission to save lives, limbs and helping his army buddies walk easier so they could do their jobs.

Vance’s own words couldn’t say it better about how he feels about Ikar. “I am so thankful he was found and is alive and well. I am even more thankful that I get the opportunity to give Ikar the proper home, love, and attention he deserves from this point on. He will live out the rest of his life being treated like a hero he is and enjoy spoils of retirement. I have missed my friend for over 3 years and knowing that he will be home soon with me is unbelievable. I will forever be in debt to all the people who made this reunion possible. I could not thank you enough times for you all to know how much this means to me. Thank you.”

The Morris Animal Inn Operation: War Dogs Campaign has so far raised over $8,000 for the purpose of helping bring U.S. Military War Dogs home. We are happy to say that Vance and Ikar’s reunion is the result of your support. The campaign continues until September 7, 2015. For the full article about Vance and Ikar click here.