Halloween Safety for your Furry Friend.

Halloween is filled with spooky fun, the occasional trick, and a whole lot of treats. We decorate our house with ghosts, skeletons, and decorations from years past. The last thing on our minds is the fake pumpkin with all the candy inside. Chocolate, sugary treats, and other delights will leave you in a blissful sugar rush and then a sugar coma. Unfortunately, your dog will not feel the same when ingested.

Almost all of the treats that will be in circulation this Halloween are harmful to our furry friends. Treats such as chocolate or chocolate-flavored foods are known to be toxic for your dog. Believe it or not, raisins, Raisinets, or any kind of raisin treat can be detrimental to your dog’s kidney, and sugary treats will cause them an upset stomach. Foil candy wrappers are a hazard as well. They can lead to major intestinal obstruction which may require X-rays and surgery to fix.

To avoid spending a spooky night in the emergency room, it’s best to plan for the health and safety of your dog. If you’re having company over, it might be best to get some toys, pumpkin doggie treats, and some calming music in another room and keep your dog there during the festivities. Another way to avoid any accidents is to keep the Halloween treats at an elevated level or in a locked cabinet so your furry friend cannot reach them. After opening your candy, be sure to throw it in a secure way so your curious dog cannot easily stick their head in the trash can to retrieve it.

If you’re planning on going away for Halloween or are short of time to make the changes necessary to keep your dog safe, lodging services can be a viable option. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can enjoy the nights’ festivities while also knowing your dog will be safe and having lots of fun.

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