Dog Park Fun and Safety

Warm days are slowly approaching and that means it’s time to stockpile the car with Frisbees and tennis balls and take a trip to the dog park with your best canine. There is nothing better than a sun-filled day of fun at the dog park, watching your pup make all kinds of new friends. Dog parks provide a great environment for dogs that enjoy releasing some energy with other dogs. Great for socializing, these parks can also help shy dogs break out of their shells in a controlled setting.
But before you get TOO excited and run for the door, let’s first take a look at some really important safety tips and precautions that will make both you and your dog’s time at the park more enjoyable. and Morris K9 Campus both have excellent tips for dog owners who may or may not be familiar with dog parks. Here are just a few highlights:
·        Take an overview of the other dogs at the park before you enter. If you feel like it is a fun, safe environment, then go on and join the party. But if the other dogs seem rough or aggressive, it is probably best to skip the park and come back another time.
·         Be careful entering the park and introduce your dog gradually to the other dogs. Dogs already in the park get excited for the arrival of a new dog, so try to calm the situation by taking it slow. Allow the dogs to sniff each other through the gate and let your dog in when you feel they are ready.

·        And most of all, know your dog and be aware. The best thing you can do as an owner at a dog park is to pay close attention to your dog’s behavior for any signs of stress, aggression, fear, etc. You are at the park for your dog, not to just socialize with other owners, so keep your eye on your dog and make sure they are safe at all times.


Please take a look at other great safety tips for you and your dog located at the dog park to enjoy safe quality time with your best friend!

We are pleased to have Vin, as a contributing writer for If They Could Talk. Vin is a passionate dog owner. We look forward to sharing his contribution on interesting and educational pet topics.