Dress to Impress this Halloween

Lighthearted dog owners swear that dressing their dog up at Halloween is a barrel of fun that never gets old.

Spooktacular costume for the MUTTster Mash Doggie Daycare Party at Morris Animal Inn.
According to a recent Wayfair.com announcement, retailers will see a 20% spike in Halloween costumes for our four-legged friends this season.  Whether your dog will be joining the fun at Morris Animal Inn’s MUTTster Mash this Halloween or just taking a stroll with the rest of the family, make sure they are sporting the hottest looking costumes on the shelves today.
Check out this year’s Top Selling Costumes:


It’s Superman saving the day at Morris Animal Inn’s MUTTster Mash!
1.      Superhero
2.      Elephant
3.      Lederhosen (For our furry German friends)
4.      Taco
5.      Chef
With costumes like these, your dog is sure to come home with a pillow case full of biscuits!



Clowning around in the Morris Animal Inn Photo Boooooth!
Morris Animal Inn staff gets ready for a howling good time!

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