How to Bond With Your Cat

Cats are independent creatures, but most feline friends want some degree of companionship from humans. Here are some tips for how to bond with your cat.

Petting, of course, is the most obvious, because it can be beneficial for both the cat and the human. Is your cat kneading its paws or rubbing up against you? Those are both signs your cat wants even more! Not only does the cat love it, but petting has been shown to make human feel more calm and peaceful.

Encouraging communication is also a way to bond. Before mealtime, when your cat meows, respond with “do you want your breakfast now?” or “do you want a treat?” Wait for them to meow back before you deliver.

Playtime is the next opportunity to bond. Letting your kitty to play with a ball of crumpled up paper, teasing them with a feather, and other cat games are all great exercise and fun for both of you. You can even let them enjoy one of those apps for cats every once and a while.

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