Cat Games That Let Your Kitty Play And Hunt

cat gamesCats have a need to hunt, but if they live indoors, they don’t get as much opportunity. Thankfully, there are a number of cat games and toys that exercise those instincts. Just about anything can be a cat’s prey – a wand with feathers, a crumpled paper or foil ball, or the red light of a laser pen. There are also apps for cats with  games for cats to play.

Playing with your cat can be a bonding experience — and maybe even reduce your boredom as well.

Remember, paperclips, rubber bands, plastic bags, and string aren’t safe for cats to play with.

You can also bring your cat to Morris Animal Inn to play! We have kitty chaser games, teaser sessions, a kitty playroom, kitty TV and more!

Kitty on the Prowl Video

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