Who’s the Most Pampered of Them All?

What’s the craziest thing you do for your pet? All over the country, the phrase “pampered pets” is being taken to a whole new level by pet owners and enthusiasts looking for the very best for their furry friends. At Morris Animal Inn, we pamper our pets with cat and dog services like luxury kitty suites with televisions and our indoor pool and aqua center, and we are always excited to hear about new pet amenities. Here are some of our recent favorites!

In New York, one family has made the most of the space in their small Brooklyn home by creating what they call “Kittyloft”; an indoor cat playground that runs up and down their walls. Both interior designers, homeowners Bill Hilgendorf and Maria Christina Rueda told Forbes Magazine that they put their design skills to the test by creating a shelf-like, brightly colored obstacle course that leads their cats up and down sets of stairs, over doorframes and across kitchen cabinets. Their cats are known to run the loop at top speed! 
San Diego International Airport now offers unisex bathrooms… for pets! As reported by Patch.com and Huff Post Live, the airport hosts a number of “Pet Relief” stations, which consists of an indoor room with fresh turf, a fire hydrant for pet pit-stops and even includes a bag dispenser for easy clean up and a hand-washing station for pet owners. Though all airports are required to have pet relief stations somewhere on site, this airport has given pups some first-class perks by moving stations to easily accessible indoor areas of the terminal. 
Rural Pennsylvania may be filled with woods for your dog to play in, but at one home in Newton Square, you’d never have to worry about muddy footprints on the carpet. The home, according to Forbes, devotes one of its four and a half bathrooms to the dogs with a customized dog “mudroom,” complete with a deep farmer’s sink, plenty of cabinet space and a built-in canine shower with a mosaic of pets running around the walls.

Though we can’t claim to have a “Kittyloft” of our own, our kitty playroom offers multiple climbing poles, laser light toys and even a kitty wheel! Do you have any crazy ways that you pamper your pet?