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For An Animal, Grooming Makes All The Difference

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on For An Animal, Grooming Makes All The Difference

Just like humans feel better when we care for ourselves, the same goes for dogs. Pets need regular animal grooming to keep them looking good and feeling healthy. Animal grooming services that dogs should have regularly include baths, a visit to the pet nail salon, cleaning their ears, and teeth brushing. Because our pets can’t talk…

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Itch They Can’t Scratch? It Might Be Seasonal Allergies

By Morris Animal Inn / /

Spring is finally in the air, which means flowers, green trees, and… allergies. Many humans suffer from itchy noses and watery eyes this time of year, but did you know your pet can experience seasonal allergies, too? As much as they love getting to play outside, your dog or cat could be reacting to all…

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