Pets With Holiday Stress

We know that the holiday season can make even the most serene person anxious. So…with the holidays right around the corner, between shopping and holiday parties, pet owners have a lot on their plate. Did you know this busy time of year can affect your pets too? Did you know there are natural products available to aid pets in overcoming stress?
Morris Animal Inn is participating in a product review program to share our experience and observations of the Sentry Calming Collar on one of our own pups. This collar produces the naturally occurring pheromones that mother dogs produce to calm and soothe their puppies. There are no toxic substances in this collar making it even more appealing. The manufacturer states that this unique collar has been shown to reduce or eliminate stress-related behavior problems in dogs such as scratching, whining for attention, fear while separated from owner and many more.
Lexi, anxiously awaiting Joanne’s return
Morris Animal Inn’s Vice President, Joanne Morris’ rescue, “Lexi” is a dynamic Labrador Mix and perfect to try this new collar. Lexi joined the Morris Family in July 2012 just after being rescued from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky. Lexi is very close with her canine sister, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel “Tori” and has bonded with her human companions quickly. She loves to cuddle and is a very active dog – she recently ran a 5K and didn’t even break a sweat!
19-month-old Lexi is as sweet as can be but does experience anxiety when left alone. She is often seen looking out the window when members of her family leave – even for only a couple of minutes. Once they are out of site she will resort to digging and scratching at doors and chewing up items that may have been left around, all things she would never do when someone is present.
We look forward to providing more information and “Lexi’s” experience after wearing the Sentry Calming Collar. Lexi is wearing the collar today and it is a pretty light blue color…stay tuned!
Do you have a pet that shows sign of stress or anxiety like Lexi? Share your stories with us!