My Cat Hides

When a cat hides, they can have a reputation for being shy or anti-social.

While that may be true for some of them, it just depends. The way cats are treated while very young has an impact.

Most kittens spend approximately the first eight weeks after they are born with their mom and their family. It’s important during this time to socialize them so they easily adapt to people and also to other pets. They are less fearful and anxious in new and different situations if socialized well.

When you get your kitten at eight weeks or later, it’s important to spend more time socializing them if the kitten didn’t receive enough.

How do you socialize your favorite feline? You can do this by using touch and by introducing your kitten to new experiences they’ll face later.  They can meet new people or take a ride in the car when you go on a late-night fast-food run. You can have then  adjust to their crate by leaving it out for exploration at times when it isn’t needed for transportation to the vet.

Reinforce your cat’s good social behavior and ignore your cat’s antisocial behavior so they will adjust. While cats lodge at Morris Animal Inn, they have several interactions with staff and have options for various activities to keep them social. You’d be surprised at how many lodging kitties adjust the more they spend time in this environment.

Ask your vet if your cat is hiding because they are being shy, anti-social or if there is another reason (ex. not feeling well). They will know best.

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