Moving Day: How to Prepare Your Pet

Do you think your pet can tell when you’re preparing for a long trip? From cats crawling into suitcases to pups pouncing on the clean laundry pile, our pets sure seem to know that packing means something different is going on. If you are packing for something bigger, like a move, your pet is bound to be curious about the process and, ultimately, the new place. Follow these tips for making the moving process, from pre-move packing to adjusting in a new home, easiest for your pet.

Visit your vet. Get a copy of all your pet’s records and make sure that all tags and vaccinations are up-to-date. If you are moving a great distance and need to find a new vet, ask your current vet for any recommendations or research your target area online.

Pack and prepare slowly. Begin packing belongings as early as possible so the transition is not as surprising and drastic for your pet. If you plan to crate your dog at all during the moving process, begin crate training early on as well and give your dog lots of encouragement.
Plan ahead for moving day. Pets appreciate familiar surroundings, so it will be easiest for them to adjust if your furniture and belongings are already in place once they arrive at the new house. Consider scheduling a lodging or daycare appointment for your pet on moving day, so they do not need to be a part of the move-in process. Morris Animal Inn is happy to provide pets a comfortable, secure environment while you are in transition. If your pet will be in the house on moving day, make sure they are secure in a single room or carrier, and pay them plenty of visits to keep their feeding and bathroom schedule as regular as possible.
Settle in. Once you are officially moved in to your new place, it will take some time for your pet to adjust. If your pet seems overwhelmed, consider designating a specific room or area for your pet with all their toys, bed and belongings until they start to feel at home.

Explore together. Your pet trusts you! If you are positive and encouraging about your new surroundings, your pet will feed off your comfort levels. Go for a walk around your new neighborhood, pay a visit to your new vet and spend time relaxing together.

Soon, you will both feel right at home!