Does My Dog Really Love Me?

You’ve seen that look in his or her eyes, the excitement when you see each other at home after a long day, and you think you have a pretty good relationship, but sometimes you wonder, “does my dog really love me?”


It’s only natural to wonder, since a lot of dog behavior is similar. Most dogs wag their tails, bark, and ask for attention in their own ways, and they’re almost always interested in someone who has a toy or treat for them. The relationship between a dog and their human is often one that includes the bonds of love and trust.

So how do you really know?

Some of the lesser-known signs that your dog really loves you are:

  • your dog makes eye contact with you
  • your dog yawns in empathy with you
  • your dog raises his/her eyebrows when s/he sees you

And while it may not be uncommon or lesser-known, another sign your dog loves you is that he or she chooses to cuddle with you even though they could sleep anywhere else (this may not be a sign for you if you don’t allow your dog on the furniture or in your bed). They may also just decide to lean up against you.

Most of the time, dogs and their humans give and take love from each other in a reciprocal way. However, humans need to remember that dogs are dogs, not humans, and there’s a lot they don’t understand. That’s why humans need to take the initiative to show love to their dogs first.  

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