Brush-a, Brush-a, Brush-a!

When we think of February, groundhogs, roses, and presidents often come to mind. But if you are a pet owner, you should start thinking teeth as well. The American Veterinary Medical Association has decided to add an important topic into the short, but significant month of February. So pull out those toothbrushes and grab your pets, its officially Pet Dental Health Month!
Teeth Trouble
According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, “more than 80% of dogs and 70% of cats develop periodontal disease by age 3.” This is a common ailment that plagues our pets since we rarely remember that, just as our teeth need regular brushing, so do Fido and Fluffy’s. Signs of gum disease are brown and yellow tarter build-up, red or inflamed gums, and stinky breath according to the Pet Dental Health website. It is normal for dogs to have bad breath, but if it gets to the point where you no longer want doggie kisses, it might be time to have your veterinarian examine your pup’s chompers. In fact, regular dental exams with your veterinarian are vital to maintaining proper dental health. In addition, it is important to invest in your own canine and feline dental regime.
Plaque Prevention
Begin by introducing your pet to the taste of toothpaste by allowing them to lick it off your finger. Pets have their own specially formulated toothpaste that blends the taste of yummy flavors appealing to cat and dogs, such as beef and cheese. Human toothpaste will only upset their stomachs. When they begin to accept the taste and texture, try putting it on a small toothbrush, piece of gauze, or a finger toothbrush and scrub gently on each side for 30 seconds, or as long as your dog or cat will allow. Ideally, you should make this a daily habit that coincides with your own dental health routine. If your pet resists your efforts, don’t despair. Other options include anti-plaque water additives which can be diffused in your pets’ water bowl, oral hygiene gels, dental chew toys, and crunchy treats and bones that all help to prevent plaque build-up. Just pick up a few of these products at your pet’s next visit to Morris Animal Inn!

Start Today, Don’t Delay
A dog with pearly whites is a healthy dog indeed. Before your pet’s dental health deteriorates, commit to a plan that will keep everyone smiling. In light of Pet Dental Health Month, Morris Animal Inn is providing free, “Fresh Breath” treats with the purchase of any of our TropiClean “Fresh Breath” products!