Bloodhound Belle was Born to Run

Belle running on the Canine Treadmill
Hi there. It’s Belle again! I’m between workouts right now and wanted to let you know how I’m doing! I knew it would take some work to get into shape – I guess that’s why it’s called a ‘workout’ – but I never knew I could have so much fun too! No matter what new activity I try at Morris Animal Inn, I  am having a blast!
I’m usually at the Inn three days a week. I am starting to notice the difference in how I feel, both inside and out. Just last week on the treadmill, I was walking at a slow pace. This week, I was actually jogging a little bit! I am doing pretty well if I could say so myself.
I was a little nervouswhen my friendsat Morris Animal Inn suggested I try Group Daycare. The first day, I stayed to myself because I was not sure if the other canines wanted to get to know me but the next time, I took a chance and introduced myself to a few furry fellows. I made so many new acquaintances. I enjoy spending time in Group now with my new playmates but my favorite time of day is spending time on the Trail Runs! There is nothing like being outside to breathe in all of that fresh air.
Belle running in the Front Yard with Morris Animal Inn’s, Lisa
When I stepped on the scale last Saturday, I kept my fingers crossed that I had lost some weight. Manner’s and Fitness Program Leader Lisa said I weighed 122.4lbs. I’m proud to say that I’ve lost 2lbs and one inch around my belly in one week. With my training sessions and healthy meals, I’m losing weight at a great pace. I hope all of my hard work will pay off and I find my fur-ever home! I’m excited to see what the plan is for next week! Keep following my story so I can let you know too!
Interested in adopting me? Contact my friends at Eleventh Hour Rescue at (973) 664-0865.