In honor of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month this April, we’d like to highlight some of the ways you can spoil your pet. Thanks to organizations like the ASPCA, the world has made huge strides in preventing cruelty or violence against animals. Pets, most of all, have prospered from this change. Dogs no longer sleep in the backyard or the garage, they sleep nestled next to us in our beds or on their own plush doggie mat. They wear coats in the wintertime and eat gourmet food.  Nourish this special bond by spoiling your pet with the following luxury spa treatments offered at Morris Animal Inn‘s grooming salon.

Facial Scrub

You thought only you could receive a facial? Think again! We offer a refreshing blueberry and vanilla scrub that will help whiten tear stains, clean dust and grime from facial fur and leave your pooch’s face smelling sweet and delicious! This facial scrub is especially great for breeds with wrinkles and folds like Pugs and Shar Peis.

Paw Treatment

Much like a human pedicure, this paw treatment will soothe and moisturize dry, cracked paw pads. It will also eliminate that corn chip smell that comes from bacteria and instead, leave behind the fragrant scent of vanilla!

Shed-Less Treatment

If you have a dog that sheds, you either have a lint brush in every room of your house or you have simply given up and accept the dog hair as a fashion accessory. If you would like to eliminate some of that extra fur in your life, try our Shed-Less Treatment. This treatment removes dead hair and dander from your dog’s coat. The process involves a bath with a specialty shampoo followed with an exclusive de-shedding solution. After the bath and premier conditioning, pets are dried and brushed out with a combination of tools designed to remove the greatest amount of undercoat. While the Shed-Less Treatment does not stop the natural shedding process, nor is it a one-time cure (for best results it should be done every 4 weeks), it does extract extra hair that would eventually shed and find its way onto every surface of the furniture in your house.

Canine Salon Experience

For the ultimate in pampering, try the Canine Salon Experience. This luxurious treatment includes a blueberry facial scrub, the soothing paw soak, a vanilla bubble bath, revitalizing deep-moisture shampoo (ginger and grapefruit scented), and is followed up with a vanilla and white ginger conditioner. Your pet’s fur will be silky smooth and smell fabulous!

This month or any month, indulge your pet with one of our special spa treatments!