Puppy Daycare FAQ

How old does my puppy have to be to attend Puppy Enrichment Daycare?

Your puppy can begin attending Puppy Enrichment Daycare as early as eight (8) weeks old and then graduate at twenty 20 weeks of age.

How do I make reservations?

For reservations at Morris Animal Inn, you should contact us directly. All reservations must be confirmed by telephone or in person. Our pet care consultants will be happy to discuss all of the puppy daycare options that Morris Animal Inn has to offer! Submit an online form or call us directly at 973-539-0377 where we would be happy to handle your request for services at either of our locations.

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We take special pride in our quality staff who have received their certifications!

  • Professional Pet Boarding Certification
  • Dog Gurus
  • Paragon School of Grooming

They demonstrate passion for animals in all that they do!