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hiking with dog

Hiking With Your Dog in Morris County

When the temperature starts to fall, the air is crisp, and the leaves begin to change, it might just be time to head outdoors again. After a busy and hot summer where the indoor air conditioning may have been preferable (for both you and your dog), fall weekends are a great time to try another […]


Catnip or Not?

People often joke about cats getting “high” on catnip, but some people  have noticed that their cats may just ignore the catnip toys they’ve carefully picked out for them and maybe get a little disappointed that now they can’t make a cute video to garner views on social media. The Science of Catnip While it […]


Time to Adopt a Cat? What You Need to Know.

You watch funny cat YouTube videos and like all the cute kittens on Instagram, and you know deep in a heart you want an adorable, sweet, kitten all for yourself. There are so many decisions to make first, though, and you should be aware of them before deciding to adopt. Age of the Cat You’ll […]

Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Dog-Friendly Places – Date Night With Your Dog

Finding a dog-friendly place… You’ve had a long day, maybe a long week. You’ve opened up the refrigerator and realized you have very little in there and you haven’t had time to do the grocery shopping, so you decide you’ll go out to eat. The dilemma you have is that your dog also wants your attention.  She’s missed […]

Dog's Nails

A Dog’s Nails

A Dog’s Nails… We know what it’s like to get a mani-pedi. We look forward to your appointments. It’s a time to relax, pick a new color, have a great time and admire your nails afterward. What about a dog’s nails? It’s not always the same for a dog’s nail trim appointments. Some dogs do […]