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Dog-Friendly Places – Date Night With Your Dog

Finding a dog-friendly place…

Dog Friendly Restaurant

You’ve had a long day, maybe a long week. You’ve opened up the refrigerator and realized you have very little in there and you haven’t had time to do the grocery shopping, so you decide you’ll go out to eat. The dilemma you have is that your dog also wants your attention.  She’s missed you this week.

So why not bring your dog out to eat with you?

If you live in the Morris/Essex/Somerset/Union county area, there are a number of pet-friendly restaurants you can choose from. has a list of restaurants with patrons’ reviews about their experiences dining with their dogs. Most are only allowed in the outdoor patio areas, which are often only open in warm weather, so you’ll need to take that into consideration.  Bernards offers eight dog-friendly tables, but only on Mondays.

Some restaurants don’t just allow dogs, but welcome them as a fellow diner. Morristown Deli, for example, provides high chairs and booster seats for yoDog Friendly Restaurantur dog, and they have a doggie menu with such delicacies as cheesy scrambled eggs with bacon, chicken and rice, sauteed liver with rice and eggs, and sweet potatoes and ground beef smothered in gravy.

You and your dog might enjoy dining together and want to make it a regular event. Just make sure not to mix up your food with his.

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