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My Dog is a Loner… Help!

  Sometimes, people are loners, and that’s ok. We don’t expect that we all have to always socialize and get along with everyone all the time, and we shouldn’t expect it of our dogs, either. You might have noticed that your dog doesn’t always seem to get along with other dogs, and you aren’t sure […]


Safe, Easy, Stress Free for your Pet

You’ve been waiting for your vacation for a long time. Your tickets are purchased, hotel is booked, and packing list is made. There’s one last errand to run, and that’s getting your pet to Morris Animal Inn. Unfortunately, timing doesn’t work quite right with your schedule. There was consideration to lodge your pet at places […]


Swimming Dogs

We’ve made it through July and we’re getting through August. The days have been long, hot, and humid. Some people refer to this time of year as the “dog days of summer,” invoking images of dogs lying around panting from the heat. Even though that’s not theactual reason for the origin of the term, it is how most people today […]


A Dog’s Good Outlook on Life

Sometimes, we like to pamper ourselves. Whether it’s a regular appointment or a weekend away at a spa, we like to get our hair and nails done. It helps us feel relaxed and gives us a good outlook on life. We look and feel better when we care for ourselves, and the same goes for […]


Dum dum da dum, dum dum da dum…

The traditional wedding march with the bride walking down the aisle is still a staple at many weddings, but what’s new at weddings is the inclusion of pets in the ceremony. Celebrities have been doing it—you can see pictures  of the pets included in the last few years in the weddings of Adam Sandler, Gene Simmons, Miranda Lambert, Ellen […]