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Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

You’ve got the perfect dress. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen have all said yes. The venue is confirmed. The flowers are what you’ve always wanted, you’ve agreed on music, and you’re marrying the person of your dreams. There’s just one thing missing. How will you get your pets to the ceremony? You’ve bought cute little bride […]


My Dog Keeps Licking Me!

It’s usually pretty clear that dogs lick because they like people; it’s their way of being affectionate. There are other reasons dogs lick, though, such as prior to feeding from their mom, asking for a dinner invitation, exploring something, attempting to get attention, or even a way of playing. Dogs may also lick because they […]


What is Your Cat Trying to Tell You?

We cat owners know that our cats are intelligent animals, but sometimes we might not be quite so sure what they are trying to tell us. Does your cat blink when she’s looking at you? That means she trusts you enough to close her eyes because she knows she won’t be attacked. She probably won’t […]


You Dog Might Remember More Than You Think!

“I remember the time I knew what happiness was Let the memory live again” The words may be from the musical Cats, but with new research about dogs’ memories, someone may want to create a new musical. A recent article in The Washington Post reports on research findings that dogs may have episodic-like memory similar […]


Why a Dog’s Hair Turns Gray at a Young Age

    Many of us have been there–finding that lone gray hair that signals to us a change. While we humans associate graying hair with getting older, in dogs, graying hair can signal loneliness. Yes, loneliness. According to a recent article on CNN, the anxiety and stress of being alone can contribute to dogs’ fur […]