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Cat Coffee Shops

Cat Coffee Shops to visit in New Jersey

Cat Coffee Shops in NJ Who doesn’t love grabbing a cup of coffee on their way to work in the morning? Or spending time working from the coffee shop? It can be a little easier to work there than at home, because at home there are often distractions such as a sink full of dirty […]

people and dogs

Spring Outing with Dogs in Morristown

Spring is in the air… Even if the temperature and weather varies this time of year, people and dogs are looking forward to getting outside again. A great place to visit is Morristown National Historical Park, which includes Washington Headquarters Museum in Morristown, NJ. George Washington was a dog person, owning about fifty over his […]

Dog Brewery

Bring Your Dog to a New Jersey Brewery

Dogs & Breweries The craft beer industry has taken off, and now dogs can get in on the action–at least the brewery part; not the drinking beer part. Dogs won’t need to be age 21. Just as there are restaurants that allow dogs to come with their people, it’s now legal in some places for […]

Irish Wolfhound

Lucky Dogs in NJ

Humans of Irish descent, or even those who just want an excuse to have fun, are excited about the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday. They may think they are lucky dogs for being able to eat corned beef and cabbage or drink shamrock shakes, but what about Irish dogs? Irish dogs? Are there really that […]

Millenial with dog

Are you a Millennial in NJ with a pet?

The American Dream The American Dream has always been a good job and home-ownership, followed by 2.7 kids, a dog, and a cat. Now, however, the generation called millennials–those in the 23 to 38 years old age range–are mixing it up a bit. No longer is home ownership the priority (their student loans often make […]