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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

“Let sleeping dogs lie” is an idiom about avoiding the problems that might happen by interfering in a situation that currently has no problems. But what if the problem is what kind of bed your dog should lie on? Ok, yes, that’s a terrible attempt at a terrible pun, but it is important to think about what […]


Bonding with Your Cat

Cats are independent creatures, often making people think that they don’t need or want companionship, but in reality, cats and humans can be great companions, and there are different ways to bond with each other. Petting, of course, is the most obvious one, because it can be beneficial for both the cat and the human. Not only […]


Gifts You Still Have to Find for the Furry Members

He’s making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice… Santa Paws is coming to town. Most of the gifts are purchased and wrapped and under the tree, right? Well, maybe not, and maybe some of the gifts you still have to find are for the furry members of the household. […]


It’s time to bring them home

You’ve been anticipating the big day. You’ve spent time preparing for it. Getting the right bed, toys, and maybe some soft blankets. Letting your current household residents know it’s happening. It’s time to bring them home. No, it’s not a new baby. It’s a new cat or dog. The problem is, you need to introduce […]


Something in Common with You & Your Dog

Human beings often make time to work out at a gym or go for a run. Some love it and some do it grudgingly. Most people know that some kind of exercise is important for our bodies, whether or not they follow through with it. As with many of the topics we’ve written about, this […]