A favorite among pet owners for over 50 years.

I greatly appreciate the playtimes and walks that you provide for the animal’s comfort. We plan to use the Morris Animal Inn always!

The Flynn Family

Recently, I developed a need to work long hours and my home was under construction. I worried about leaving my Lab at home, but to my delight, I was handed a brochure which explained all about Doggie Day Care for people like me! Lucy can’t wait to get out of the car when I pull into the parking lot! One of the things that most impresses me is how enthusiastic all of the staff is and how truly delighted they are to spend the day with your dog! Our dog is safe, happy, and eager to see her friends at the Morris Animal Inn whenever she visits!

The Murphy Family

It’s difficult to find someone you can absolutely trust with an important member of the family. I was worried about Jack because he came from a shelter and then immediately had hip surgery at the tender age of one. It turns out I didn’t have to worry at all as I was able to call in and get progress reports on him. Jack was his normal, well-adjusted self and loved the Morris Animal Inn. Now, he always runs into the lobby excited to see all of his friends. So when I leave him, I’m always confident that he’ll be well looked after.

The Hawkins Family

I’m ashamed to say it, but my dog Mickey actually likes it better at the Morris Animal Inn than he does at home! He gets to play, bark to his heart’s content, and get fussed over by a whole staff of people. He comes back to us tired and happy, and that’s the way we like him best! Thank you for all you do to keep my dog safe, healthy, and happy.

The Schneider Family

We still kept bringing Scobie to Day Care because he enjoyed it so much. The attention of your Pampered Pet Staff and the play times made for a very contented pup at the end of the day! Pick up time is particularly humiliating for us since he makes it quite obvious that he would love to stay at the Inn rather than go home with us! We look forward to many wonderful years of bringing Scobie to play with his friends in the Morris Animal Inn.

The Murphy Family

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We take special pride in our quality staff who are OPCLC certified for Animal Care and demonstrate passion for animals in all that they do!