Dog Daycare FAQ

What should I have prepared for my pet's arrival?

Vaccination records for Bordetella, Distemper, Parvo, Canine Influenza and Rabies should be faxed over before arrival. Adequate telephone numbers should be provided in case we need to contact you. A scheduled pick-up time should also be discussed upon drop off. Clearly communicate any meal requirements with our receptionists.

What is your cancellation policy for reservations?

As a courtesy, we request 24-hour notice. If you need to change or cancel a Daycare reservation, you must notify us prior to 6am of the intended Daycare reservation to avoid being charged the value of the service.

How do I make reservations?

For reservations at Morris Animal Inn, you should contact us directly. All reservations must be confirmed by telephone or in person. Our pet care consultants will be happy to discuss all of the options Morris Animal Inn has to offer!

Can I add more activities to my pet's daycare?

Absolutely! We have a large selection of playtime services and activities to make your pet's stay comfortable and fun!

Can I add grooming to my pet's daycare reservation?

Of course! Morris Animal Inn offers a Spa Day in which guests are individually handled during the day. Our receptionists will be happy to book your Spa Day reservation and go over the type of grooming you would like for your pet!

My dog is not spayed/neutered, can they still lodge and participate in daycare?

If your dog is not spayed/neutered, they can still lodge and participate in daycare, however, your dog would have playtime one-on-one with staff instead of group play.


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