A favorite among pet owners for over 50 years.

Maggie is a completely different dog. Friends come to the house and don’t even recognize her! She used to jump on everyone but after participating in the Collegiate package, she’s not jumping on people anymore and it’s great! I can’t thank you enough for the training and the amazing way everything was handled, including the follow up call. We just love you guys! All my dogs have stayed with you (Casey, Molly and now Maggie) and I would not have it any other way. I don’t care about the distance. No matter where I live, I would travel to get to your facility so that my pets have the best care possible.

The Sheehy Family

We were scared, staying away from home overnight for the very first time. You made us feel welcome and loved, and we appreciate it. You didn’t treat us ruff, and we appreciate it. We don’t want our mom and dad to go away in March, but we know we will be ok, and are even looking forward to our stay at your place. You get two paws up from us. C u soon!

Mousse and Little Lu Lu Lamoreaux

I board my dog and cat, Penny and Joy at Morris Animal Inn during all our vacations. The animals are happy when they arrive, they are well cared for, the facility is extremely clean, and the play times are great! To this day I have never boarded my pets anywhere but the Morris Animal Inn.

The Flynn Family

Over the years we have grown very close to your staff-you have selected true animal lovers, and their dedication is quite evident to anyone coming in for the first time.

The Murphy Family

We are eternally grateful for the Inn because it gives us the peace of mind that comes with knowing that whether we leave him for the day or for a week, our very spoiled dog will be getting the very best of care. Thank you for all you do to keep my dog safe, healthy, and happy.

The Schneider Family

Your staff was very kind and patient. Thank you for hiring such great people and for taking such great care of my love!

The Lundquist Family

I have always been very pleased with how my dogs are treated and cared for when they stay at Morris Animal Inn.

The Matlesky Family

You have a wonderful facility. In addition to the latest amenities, you obviously have a staff that understands many of us think of our pets as family.

The Shor Family

For the past 15 years, our pets have been guests of the Morris Animal Inn. The care and nurturing they received are just like home. The competent and caring staff has always impressed us. We find the staff to show tenderness and concern for each pet. This allows us to enjoy our trips knowing our pets are in the best of care and loving hands.

The Fisher Family

I feel much better knowing that Morris Animal Inn is staffed with people that love working with furry children. I am confident that they are properly looked after, and cared for!

The Ramberg Family

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We take special pride in our quality staff who are OPCLC certified for Animal Care and demonstrate passion for animals in all that they do!