Puppy Boarding

Puppy Steps Lodging Program

Looking for the perfect place for your new furry family member to stay overnight? Look no further than our home away from home - Morris Animal Inn. We are now offering additional package opportunities to ensure your puppy has an even more customized stay.

Puppies require special care and nurturing and the Puppy Steps Program is designed to meet these essential needs. For this crucial stage of development, we have combined lodging and activities to reinforce housebreaking, encourage play and provide comfort. This unique program is for puppies up to seven months of age. Full vaccine series must be completed prior to lodging.

Start them off right by enrolling in one of our fun puppy packages:

  • THE PUPPY WORKS - This Puppy Package includes a day full of activities and care, everything your puppy could need.
  • PUPPY PRE-K - For that puppy who could benefit from lots of fun and play with an emphasis on good manners
  • THE PUPPY STEPS - Keeps your puppy on a basic routine while receiving plenty of TLC with interactive play time.

Contact our Puppy Specialists today to find out how we can meet your puppy's needs!

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We take special pride in our quality staff who have received their certifications!

  • Professional Pet Boarding Certification
  • Dog Gurus
  • Paragon School of Grooming

They demonstrate passion for animals in all that they do!