A favorite among pet owners for over 50 years.

I board my dog and cat, Penny and Joy at Morris Animal Inn during all our vacations. The animals are happy when they arrive, they are well cared for, the facility is extremely clean, and the play times are great! To this day I have never boarded my pets anywhere but the Morris Animal Inn.

The Flynn Family

Over the years we have grown very close to your staff-you have selected true animal lovers, and their dedication is quite evident to anyone coming in for the first time.

The Murphy Family

I feel much better knowing that Morris Animal Inn is staffed with people that love working with furry children. I am confident that they are properly looked after, and cared for!

The Ramberg Family

What a good decision on our part in giving Morris Animal Inn a chance. We were impressed with the luxury five star accommodations and the various services offered. Not too long ago, Boo received her first kitty walk in a stroller! We want only the best for Boo and we know she receives such care during her stay. We recommend that everyone board their beloved pet(s) with Morris Animal Inn, they will be assured that their loved ones are receiving the best of everything.

The Narciso Family

My sweet kitties enjoyed their suite, playtime, and grooming. Bronte now stares at my television clearly longing for something she saw while in her vacation getaway. I know the kittens were well cared for because they were not angry but rather playful when I brought them home-a sure sign their time at Morris Animal Inn was a good thing for us all.

The Raybin Family

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We take special pride in our quality staff who are OPCLC certified for Animal Care and demonstrate passion for animals in all that they do!