Your Pet & the Holidays

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, most days are filled with thoughts of recipes, parades and all of the guests we’ll be having for dinner. While the holidays are an enjoyable time for us to see friends and family, remember that for our four-legged friends, this may be a disruption to their otherwise perfect routine.
Cats may show signs of being anxious or stressed during the holidays by hiding, loss of appetite, excessive vocalizing and pacing. Dogs can feel overwhelmed as well. They may feel they need to protect their owners from strangers and visitors. Some signs that your dog is feeling like the festivities are too much may include panting, shaking, loss of appetite and hiding.
Dogs and cats tend to be creatures of habit and a joyous holiday can be far from their routine. You can find yourself with one anxious furry friend for the holidays. To aid in making it enjoyable for the whole family, we’ve compiled some tips for you and your pet this holiday season:
·        Prior to guests’ arrival, place your pet in a separate and quiet room where they can relax. Make the room attractive to them by providing food/water, a favorite item and a place to snuggle during your soiree. Soft music can be calming for your prized pooch and fabulous feline as well.
·         Providing extra activity to your pet before guests arrive can be beneficial as well. Better to wear out Fido and Fluffy and enjoy some activity before the party begins.
·         Keep your pet’s feeding and exercise routine the same before and during the holidays. 
·         If your pet will be attending the party, be mindful of frequently open doors from arriving and departing guests. Your doggy and kitty may see an opportunity for adventure from that door swinging open.
·         Separate your feline and canine companions from any presents, food and decorations for their safety and your peace of mind
Keeping these tips in mind will ensure a fabulous holiday for all!