Winter Exercise with your Pet

Even our pets get the winter blues. As we move into March and are feeling ready for spring, the continuing winter weather has many of us, and our pets, holing up at home. Dogs need exercise now just as much as during the warmer months, when running outside is a breeze. But while our pets’ paws still sink into the snow, our friends at Golden Woofs have come up with a list of alternate ways for you and your pet to get some exercise.
Play mental games.Winter is a great time to work with your dog on training and tricks, things that can be practiced indoors. Have you always wanted your dog to learn to roll over, or beg? Now’s the time to teach them. Treat puzzle games are also a good way to exercise your dog’s mental skills.
Take your dog swimming. Cold temperatures may have you dreaming of the sun and surf, so why not let your pet experience a bit of summer with a swim session? At Morris Animal Inn, our indoor pool offers a warm and fun escape from the chilly outdoors. All first time swimmers wear life vests for safety and are closely monitored by our experienced staff, who help pets get a great conditioning workout paddling in the pool. We also have a state-of-the-art aqua massage for a warm, muscle-relaxing soak after a swim.
Find dog-friendly trips. Need to run to the pet supply store, or maybe even your neighborhood garden center? Many of these places do allow pets to pace the aisles with you. Find out in advance if pets are allowed – if not, consider dropping them off at Morris Animal Inn for a day of daycare fun while you run your errands!
Try agility.Racing through tunnels and jumping over hurdles is a solid workout for any dog! Our sister company, Morris K9 Campus, offers indoor beginner agility courses that any pet-owner team can try. Agility burns lots of energy and also strengthens the bond between you and your pet. Visit their website for more information about upcoming classes.
Enjoy winter!Embracing the cold and snow may feel like the last thing you want to do, but a brisk walk around your neighborhood can be rejuvenating for both you and your pet. Bundle up for a quick walk, the pace will keep you both warm, and follow it up with a cuddle in front of the fire. You’ve earned it!