Why Rewards Work Better Than Punishment

Why rewards work better than punishment? Think about your day at work. Maybe it wasn’t the best day; you messed up on a project, and your bossed yelled at you. Or maybe it was a great day; you did well, even excelled, and your boss was enthusiastic and commended you for what you accomplished.

Which of those did you respond better to?

The commendation, right?

Is it no wonder, then, with our dogs, training them to do what we want and need them to do works better with positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement.

When a dog is trained using positive reinforcement, you are teaching the dog to repeat the behavior you want them to exhibit. You need to use a reward that motivates them, such as a treat or a pat on the head. It can also be helpful to use the treat method closer to the time your dog normally eats, as he or she will be hungry and more motivated to perform the behavior to satisfy that hunger.

Eventually, when you work with your dog long enough and well enough, you’ll both appreciate the boundaries and training you’ve set, and the bonding you’ve experienced through it.

And for doing well training your dog, feel free to give yourself a treat, too.

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