What Breed is Best for You?

So you want to get a new pet. From rescue dogs to baby kittens, there are endless options when it comes to deciding on a furry addition to your family. With so many possibilities, how do you decide which breed is right?

Every dog and cat has their own needs, temperament and personality. You can prepare as much as possible for your new pet by doing research in advance. Research could help you decide what breed of cat or dog will work well for you.
Ask yourself what level of care you can commit to for different aspects of your future pet. For example, how much time can you devote to playing with your dog per day? How often will you groom your cat? Do you want a guard dog or a relaxed, trusting companion? Really consider your time and ability to care for this pet, both now and many years into the future.
These are important questions to discuss with your whole family prior to getting any pet. Once you feel comfortable with the commitment of raising a cat or dog, you can examine how the answers to these more specific questions might help you find the breed that is right for you.
Animal Planet’s website offers a Dog Breed Questionnaire that narrows down breeds based on your responses to a series of questions. From size to affection to interaction with other pets, the survey will rank a list of American Kennel Club dog breeds with a percentage based on their compatibility with your responses. This is a good place to start whether you are looking to adopt a rescue dog or visit a breeder, as it gives you detailed information about each breed. It can help you to focus on what you want most out of your relationship with your new dog.
For cat lovers, Animal Planet also provides the Cat Breed Selector, a similar series of questions that matches you with the breed that would fit best into your lifestyle. The site also contains a cat breed directory, where you can look up information about even the rarest and most experimental breeds.
Feel free to take these surveys multiple times to see what different results you get with slightly different responses! Have all members of your family try it, too, to compare your results. This is a great way to start when thinking about your next pet choice.
If you already have a cat or dog, these questionnaires can be fun, too. Try one and see if your results match up with your current pet. You may be surprised with the results!

Have YOU ever tried a dog or cat breed survey when looking for a new pet?