Days have now passed and Jersey & Clover are loving their new food. They’re probably confused about my interest in their eating habits as I have spent the last two weeks touching the kibbles, smelling the kibbles, comparing the kibbles, kibbles, kibbles kibbles… I have stopped short of eating the kibbles myself but I have to say that my gut reaction was that it looked and smelled like healthy food. I’ve been around dogs for a long time, therefore, I have been around a lot of brands and types of dog food. Thankfully, Pure doesn’t look like rabbit pellets, it doesn’t feel greasy, it isn’t rainbow colored and doesn’t make “instant gravy” when you add water. It has a mild wholesome smell, with darker than expected, flattened pieces.
So as any dog owner knows, what goes in must come out. Usually the first sign of a change of diet is noticed while the family is unwinding for the day and resting in front of the TV. As you are immersed in your favorite show a slight odor starts to waft across the room. It’s slight enough in the beginning that you don’t really notice it then all of a sudden, WOW! The dog is still sleeping quietly on the rug but the room is now filled with the unmistakable malodorous remnants of his new diet. I was prepared for that inevitable occurrence as I had changed foods cold turkey. Their first meal of Pure was a taste test with their old diet but since then it’s been straight Pure. No gradual transition in this house. I am absolutely amazed that I have neither heard nor detected ANY intestinal upset. I had gas masks poised and ready but they have been completely unnecessary. Love that!