Update on Ginger: Our Favorite Catahoula Mix!

Recently, Morris Animal Inn had a visit from a very special friend, Ginger, a Catahoula Mix. In the spirit of National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we’d like to spotlight Ginger’s inspiring journey.


When Ginger came to Morris Animal Inn in early June, she had endured a rough few months. In her home state of West Virginia, she was dumped at a shelter with one of her four month old pups. After watching her puppy be adopted, this Catahoula Boxer Mix waited for when it would be her turn to leave the shelter. Eleventh Hour Rescue came to help, bringing Ginger to New Jersey to begin her new life.
She came to Morris Animal Inn weighing a husky 91.6 pounds and measuring 30 inches around her waist. When Ginger began our Health and Fitness Program on June 4th, she loved it! Working closely with trainers Lisa and Michelle, she began to shed those extra pounds through healthy dietary changes and fun exercise activities such as agility, swim and treadmill sessions. Becoming a fast favorite of those here at Morris Animal Inn, Ginger was never too far from a reassuring back scratch which she enthusiastically returned with kisses.
On August 15, Ginger left Morris Animal Inn to stay at the Eleventh Hour location in Mount Olive to meet new potential adopters. We were sad to see Ginger leave but we knew that she would be able to meet new people that would love her as much as everyone at Morris Animal Inn does. Upon leaving, she had lost a significant 12.2 pounds and 5 inches from around her waist.
Ginger’s visit in Mount Olive was brief as she was soon brought to a caring foster home. Her foster mom keeps up with Ginger’s weight loss efforts and a nutritious diet. During Ginger’s visit in October, she was looking slim and trim and weighing only 71 pounds. Ginger was able to safely lose 20 pounds since first coming to Morris Animal Inn! We are so proud of her success and how far she has come!
Adopting from a shelter can change a dog’s life as well as your own so contact your local shelter today.
If you’re interested in adopting Ginger, contact Eleventh Hour Rescue at 973-664-0865 or visit the Eleventh Hour Rescue website for more information.