We just completed Week 1 of our Eukanuba 28-day challenge.  I’m not sure that my seven-year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Tori felt it to be much of a challenge.  She has been eating some form of Eukanuba food since she was a wee puppy.  Tori LOVES food, so eating has never been a problem for her which is why we wanted to participate in order to try a new formula, specifically the Small Breed Weight Control.  As the New Year approached, we realized that our dear little King Charles was getting round in the middle.  We were all resolved to the fact that her purpose in life was to sit comfortably next to us on the couch so we can snuggle with her or eat!  It was time for a new mind set and a new Eukanuba formula for Tori.

Eukanuba’s packaging is no doubt eye-catching. Colorful, bright and pink, somewhat reminscent of Pepto-Bismol, it does jump off the shelves attracting the average consumer with it’s vibrancy and promise of “100% High Quality Nutrition.”

Since Tori’s love of food has contributed to her pudgy figure, we decided it was time to tackle the issue and start trimming her waist line. First off, I appreciated the fact that the food was less in fat and I have always been a fan of the dental benefit Eukanuba offers. The texture, appearance and smell was exactly what I expected from a Eukanuba product. There is no doubt Tori loved her new food! Just watch our video to see her dance around like a little ballerina!