Tips to Prepare your Pet for Warm Weather

Warmer weather for humans means new clothes, new haircuts, spring cleaning and some sniffing and sneezing. But what does it mean for your pet? published a list of the top 9 tips for preparing you pet for warm weather and you might be surprised; a lot of pet tips sound just like human ones!
Read on for the list, and check off as you prepare your pet for the months ahead:
  1. Visit your Vet – Bi-annual exams are important for your pet’s general health. This time of year is good for updating vaccinations, getting tested for heartworm, and doing an overall health check.
  1. Visit the Salon – While you might get a haircut or wear lighter clothes to keep cool, your pet’s fur coat will trap in heat all year round. Get your pet groomed to help them stay cool as the weather heats up. Morris Animal Inn offers full grooming services to keep your pet fresh, clean, and cool.
  1. Protect from Fleas and Ticks – You have bug spray and citronella candles, your pet has flea and tick treatment. Look to your vet, a superstore, local pharmacy or pet care facility (check our lobby!) to save money on this important part of your pet’s preventive health.
  1. Get a Green Thumb – Pet-proofing your yard after a long winter can protect your pet from insects, other animals, and injury. Make sure your fence is secure, mulch any garden areas, plant flowers and other plants, and secure any pool areas or other open spaces.
  1. Spring Cleaning Safety As you clean your home, remember to use non-toxic pet-friendly products to create a healthy environment for you, your family and your furry friend.
  1. Stop Sniffling and Sneezing – Your pet can suffer from seasonal allergies just like you can. Spend time with your pet outside in the early morning and late evening when pollen counts are down to alleviate symptoms, and speak with your vet about additional treatments. For more tips on fighting pet allergies, read our blog post “Itch They Can’t Scratch?” from last month.
  1. Get Moving – After a winter of resting indoors, your pet needs exercise! Get outside with your pet for walks and playtime that can help you burn off some calories as well. For extra fitness, schedule your dog a spot in our upcoming daycare fit camp: A Week at the Races!
  1. Fight the Fur – Once spring starts, pets begin shedding their winter coats, leaving hair and fur balls spread around your freshly-cleaned house. Do what you can to lessen shedding by getting your pet bathed and groomed regularly and asking your vet about supplements for a shiny coat. Morris Animal Inn also offers a shed-less treatment for pets prone to shedding that helps to remove excess fur. Ask about it when scheduling your next grooming appointment!
  1. Update their Wardrobe – With the promise of more outdoor activity, spring is the perfect time to purchase your four-legged friend a new collar, harness and leash, especially ones that have become worn out over time. Stop by our lobby for the latest selection of gear. Also make sure you update your pet’s ID tags for safety in case they get lost.
For more tips, to schedule and appointment, or to inquire about any of the above purchases, give Morris Animal Inn a call at 973-539-0377. We’re gearing up our staff and guests for warmer weather, and would love to help you and your pet do the same!