The Truth About Treadmills

Treadmills: you may hate them with the wrath of Achilles or simply use them to hang clothes on, but there’s now an even better use for them! Stop avoiding your treadmill and utilize it for your dog–you won’t even have to break a sweat (only Fido will)! Read on for tips to help your fuzzy friend transition to the treadmill.

Why the Treadmill?
Why the treadmill you ask? Aside from the snow, rain and heat, juggling poop bags, holding an umbrella or toting boots isn’t always ideal. But with a treadmill, your precious pooch never has to miss out on his or her daily walk! In addition, dogs that could stand to lose a few pounds are easier to get onto a treadmill than dragging them out into the elements. Just ask your veterinarian to provide you with some fitness or weight loss goals based on your pet’s current fitness level, age and breed before beginning any serious exercise regimen.

The Little Engine That Could
Treadmills are a wonderful fitness resource for high-energy dogs. They provide an extra outlet of activity and allow you to push your spunky pal to the next level by simply increasing the treadmill speed. If your dog gets bored at home and begins to adopt unfavorable habits, it might be time to offer more engaging options for your canine and a treadmill might be just the ticket!

Ready, Set, Go!
Start by getting your dog to stand on the treadmill and then immediately provide a treat. Once your dog is interested in the treadmill, turn it on with your dog standing near the treadmill and then provide another treat. It is not unusual for dogs to initially be frightened by the whirring sound of the treadmill so have patience and space this adjustment period out over a couple days. Before your first treadmill session, make sure your dog’s stomach is empty and provide a “potty break”. When you’re ready to roll, keep your dog on a leash and hold it in your hand as you start the treadmill at a slow speed. Lure your dog forward with a treat and reward with words of praise. Eventually, the praise should suffice for treats and your dog will be on his or her way to a great fitness routine!

The Treadmill at Morris Animal Inn

Morris Animal Inn is very excited about our treadmill from Fit Fur Life. Designed with your pet’s safety in mind, the Professional, has wire meshing on the sides to ensure your dog stays on track and the added feature of a harness, which attaches to the mesh sides, will keep any dog upright and safe. Fitness at Morris Animal Inn has never been better!

Let us know how you think your dog would do on the treadmill!

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